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First name: SasKia
Surename: hm..who knows
Nicknames: KiA, KiAchen, Sassy
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Brown (but normally its darkblonde..xD)
day of birth: Monday (why this question??..lol)
Birthday: 08.10.1990
Birthplace: Berlin/Germany
Location: Berlin/Germany
Job: student
Former school: wot? i'm still in school..lol
Bros or sis: an older sister
Hobbies: listening to music, my friends, net,...
Like: Musik, mah frienDs,ma cat (<3)
Don't like: ppl who thinks thyre better than any1 else, war

* Ice: chocolate
* food: kinda noodles ^^
* drinks: coke,  ...
* book: hm...the westlife books xD ^^
* author: Cecelia Ahern...
* pet: cat
* word: ohyee...cant rele translate them in english...its like "but without an end.."

* movie: horrormovies
*actor: Johnny Depp und Gale Harold (<3)
*siner: Nicky Byrne,Shane Filan, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd
*Girlgroup: oh...no plan
*Male Band: Westlife , McFly , Lexington Bridge, Billy Talent

* Songs: maaaaany ^^
If u would be a pet,which would u be:.... hm...maybe a cat xD

FirsT ImpressionS

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+ KiA . 16 . Berlin/Neukölln[44] . My Cat . Westlife . My FriendZ . McFly . Crazy For Music . Lexington Bridge . Internet Addicted . England,Irland && London Addicted . Coke Addicted . Alone . Queer As Folk . MSN . Mizzundastood . Sleepy . Crazy . 24+

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+German One+

I'm In...:

** Ireland: in 43 Days!
Wiv Lidia <3<3 +YaY+

To Do List

- Doing Homeworks
- Buy a Bag resp. a Suitcase
- Answer My Mails
- Tidy My Room
- Write My Fiction


+Sumthin Bout Me+
+My DreamboiiZ+


The Dance]

[Garth Brooks-
The Dance]

[Rihanna -

[Mika -
Grace Kelly]

[Westlife -
My Love(Acoustic)]

[Westlife -
Queen Of My Heart(Acoustic)]

[Linkin Park -
What I've Done]

[Razorlight -

[Pink -
Dear Mr. President]

Music 2 Get Gd Mood:

[Rocky Sharpe etc. -
Rama Lama Ding Dong]

[Westlife(resp. Nicky) -
I Get Around]

[Dougie -
Dannys Gay Song]

[Dougie -

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