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So how do I say?
Do I say goodbye?
We both have our dreams
We both wanna fly ...



Okay, next entry
Erm, i didnt rele fixed anthin on here, just changed the days til Ireland and the pics under 'First Impressions'.
I try my best to do it later or in the next days. But its not that easy for me of course. cuz english isnt my native language and i rele can get me up to do this. sorry.
but as i wrote..i try my best

yeah, wot else can i say?
hm, my weekend was ok. just had a few probs with my fam on sat. but most of them are ok now.

Today i gotta day off..cuz my teachers are in another city lol.
but ill meet lidia [a fried of me..] later.

I also try to get the Hello! later. Cuz maybe u know..[or not ] there are sum articles bout Nicky.[<3.]

Aww.. u know wot? Im rele excited cuz of two things..the 1st is that i got my oral exam in english next tuesday [in 8 days..] and cuz its not that long no more till ill go to ireland..<3.
yep, so next time im on this, ill change the layout again did a new one a few days ago..but i havent put it on here cuz this layout was too new..haha

okay...i gotta go now..

11.6.07 13:22

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