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All my life
Watching America
All my life
There's panic in America
Oh Oh Oh, Oh
There's trouble in America
Oh Oh Oh, Oh ...


So, this is my first entry since a while.

I rele wanted to end the english page cuz i didnt have enough time for it but then i got sum enquiries to keep it up and i thought "ok. why not?!"
cuz i have enough time for it now..all my exams are over..
no.. just 1 left..but thats not that hard for me.its just the english one...

hm wot can i tell now?

nothin rele happened in my life at the mo.
i just have to write a test tomoz. so i gotta learn for it later.
But first ill watch telly +hehe+ 

Tomoz ill get private lessons in maths. i still gotta do it cuz well write a test again in a few days. 

yeah, rite .. next monday ive got a day off... the next week wont be hard for me .. cuz on monday, as i said, ive got a day off, tuesday..hm there was sumthin..cant remember yet [lol]..on wednesday weve got a "chill day" [if u know wot i mean..] and on thursday weve got a sport festival but i decided that i wont go there..i hate that...!

hm..okay..i gotta watch telly now..
i try my best to get evrythin fixed the next days..


4.6.07 19:51

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